Our Products

Walnuts (InShell) 

Our fresh new season walnuts are the freshest, sweetest walnuts you will ever taste and contain none of the tannins or bitter taste that most consumers often associate with walnuts. In contrast, our fresh Otway Walnuts have a smooth and creamy taste which is appreciated by even the finest palate. Buy some now and taste the difference !  Our InShell Walnuts are available in 500g and 1kg  bags.


Walnut Oil

Our Premium Grade Cold Pressed unfiltered and unrefined Walnut Oil is the highest quality possible and is made with the latest and highest grade walnut kernel available using the 300 year old artisan extraction method.  This Cold Pressed extraction method maintains all of the health benefits of walnuts and allows customers to also enjoy the rich nutty taste over a meal.

As Walnuts have the highest level of Omega 3 of all the nut groups Walnut Oil is richly prized for its health benefits throughout Europe with many Europeans enjoying a teaspoon each day as a health supplement to their existing diet.

Unlike other producers of Walnut Oil our Premium Grade Cold Pressed Walnut Oil is custom pressed in small limited edition batches each year and is keenly sough by discerning customers.


Walnut Kernel

For your convenience we also offer fresh new season walnut kernel that is already cracked out of their shells so that you can enjoy the goodness and smooth creamy walnut taste straight away.  We offer our walnut kernel in 250g,   500g,  and  1kg bags  and we assure you this is the most convenient way to enjoy our fresh new season walnuts.  Our walnut kernel is great for all types of cooking, including salads and desserts as well as simply enjoying them on their own.


Our Specialty Product Range including Pickled Walnuts

Pickled walnuts are known as “King of the Pickles” and were very popular in England in the 18th Century.  Due to the considerable time and effort required to make them have largely gone unnoticed in recent decades.  However, here at Otway Walnuts we are bringing pickled walnuts back to their rightful “King of the Pickles” position …where they belong!  As always,  we make the classic Old English Style that goes very well with any mature cheese, meat or vegetable and are also very good on their own.  In addition, we now also make Apple Cider pickled walnuts which taste really strong due to the high acetic value of the of the Apple Cider Vinegar.  Finally, we also make a new Chilli flavoured pickled walnut with extra chilli added to give a little bit more bite to the flavour.  Once you try them you will understand why they are referred to as the “King of the Pickles“.

Please call 0409 190 993 or email Mike at info@otwaywalnuts.com.au should you want to order any of our products.